The war in Ukraine

Dear friends,

Due to the war in Ukraine, I am currently unable to fulfill your orders.

I hope to see your orders in the future after the victory over the Russian invaders.

If you want to financially help Ukraine's resistance to Russian aggression, you can do so here.

Sergiy Larshyn | UA-hobby

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  • Juan Antonio on

    Os deseo lo mejor y deseo que acabe pronto esa guerra maldita que esta destrozando tu pais y a la buenas gentes que viven en el. Deseo que la normalidad vuelva a vuestras vidas, he hecho esta compra en vuestra web con la intención de qué a pesar de lo que estáis viviendo podáis seguir llevando la vida que teníais antes. Os deseo lo mejor

  • Alan on

    I just wish Russian government would stop behaving like the very Nazis they complain about.

    Russians are ok people .. I just wish their government would grow up and realise that the time for making wars is over.

    I am ashamed of Russia. .. they are embarrasing themselves to the world :(

  • William Wong on

    Hi Sergiy, I don’t normally buy from EU, but I’m now looking to support all Ukrainians. If you can recommend a hobby wholesaler. I’ll be happy to support. I fully understand that nothing can be done now but this will be only after your victory over the Russian invaders. Take care and God bless, William from Australia

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